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Internship in Russia: International business manager vacancies

Internship in Russia

We invite you to apply to our company, TopFranchise. We have offices located in Moscow. With us, you will not only get valuable work experience in Russia but you will also get experience working with major international companies around the world.

About The Company

TopFranchise is the leading company in the field of franchising in Russia and the CIS. We have also launched the portal, TopFranchise.com, and are actively developing worldwide. We participate in major exhibitions around the world.
Today, we offer our clients the following services:

  • Advertise franchises on our website, TopFranchise.ru, for the purpose of selling master franchises in Russia and CIS
  • Assistance in creating their franchise
  • Create promotional materials: brochures, landing pages, setting up advertising campaigns on Google Adwords and Google Display Network

We are always trying to expand our range of services for our franchising clients.

The Office and Staff
The Office and Staff
We are a "young company" and the age of our employees is from 22 to 39 years. We want all employees to have the maximum freedom in decision-making. We do not have strict or defined working hours in our office. We primarily look at the results of the work performed. We also try to organize corporate trips. We love to travel, and in addition to participating in exhibitions, we organize off-site workdays outside the city.

Our values:

  • Leadership
  • Humanity
  • The adequacy
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
Who are we looking for?

First, we are interested in sales managers who will help us sell our services all over the world. We are also looking for marketers, designers, and lawyers of international law in the field of franchising. The basic requirements for all candidates are fluency in English language and the desire to work.

The skills you can get

We can teach you how to create a sales funnel using Google tools as well as primary sales skills. We also know and are able to design and develop Internet projects.

Feedback About Internship at  Topfranchise
Diane Fonkoua

I spent six months at an internship for TopFranchise and it was an outstanding experience. First, the offices are great; the staff is friendly, very welcoming, and so are Vasil and Victor, the two CEOs. I felt at ease. Indeed, they integrated me into the place very well and I really was a part of the company. Regarding my work, I was a sales manager. I had a lot of freedom in how I should organize my work and they gave me great responsibilities. My tasks were very challenging, not always very easy, but I gained a lot of experience from that and grew my managing and negotiation skills. They were always willing to help me when I needed some help. So, thanks to the team because I learned a lot. Apart from the work, they facilitated my initiation in Moscow as a whole. Indeed, they supported me to find a flat and advised me and gave me many tips on everyday life in Moscow and the Russian lifestyle to make my stay easier. I spent some wonderful and unforgettable moments with them. I would recommend anyone to reach out to them and apply for their internship program.

Diane Fonkoua



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